Sweating in Public: Some Thoughts About Writing on the Internet While Being a Woman

  • Erin E. Wunker Acadia University
Keywords: Online harassment, rape culture, feminist resistance


This paper uses autho-theory and affect to think through the repercussions of writing from a gendered perspective in public spaces and on social media.

Cet article se sert de la théorie de l’auteur et de la théorie des affects pour réfléchir aux répercussions du fait d’écrire selon une perspective sexospécifique dans les espaces publics et sur les médias sociaux.

Author Biography

Erin E. Wunker, Acadia University
Dr. Erin WunkerAssistant Professor, Department of English & TheatreAcadia UniversityWolfville, NS. Canada B4P 2R6 Chair of the Board Canadian Women in the Literary Artswww.cwila.com Co-founder & Managing EditorHook & Eye:Fast Feminism, Slow Academewww.hookandeye.ca
38.2- “WHOOPS I AM A LADY ON THE INTERNET”: Digital Feminist Counter-Publics