Information For Authors

  1. Atlantis considers only unpublished scholarly articles, original critical and creative writing, artwork, interviews, and book reviews. We welcome material prepared in English or French on any inter-disciplinary subject that relates to the critical study of women, gender, or social justice.
  2. Articles submitted for consideration must be no longer than 7,000 words, including references. As most submissions are refereed in a blind review process, there must be no identification other than the title of the article. Citations, bibliography, and style must follow The Chicago Manual of Style (Author-Date). However, do include the date and status of submission (e.g., initial submission; revision; comments on copyediting etc.).
  3. Footnotes are not acceptable and endnotes are discouraged whenever possible. With endnotes, type each note's appropriate number into the text. Do not use the endnote insert function, as anything created with formatting codes, such as the notes, will be deleted when the document is converted for layout.
  4. Submit a cover letter as an attachment containing: the name(s) of the author(s) and an email address; a biographical note of the authors' academic degrees or relevant experience, professional titles or roles, and affiliations; and any desired acknowledgment of research support or credit. Include a 50-word abstract of the article, in the language of the article, as well as a short biographical statement about the author.
  5. Authors are encouraged to avoid overly technical language. The author(s) has/have responsibility for the accuracy of references and calculations, as well as for obtaining clearance to reproduce any artwork that is not their own or has been published elsewhere. The author must attach these figures and illustrations in web quality.
  6. Submissions of written and visual creative work will be considered by the editors. Poems must not exceed three pages and short stories must not exceed 4,000 words. Other types of submissions may be considered on an individual basis.
  7. If an article is accepted pending revisions, the author must produce a new, clean copy of the manuscript that takes into account the suggestions from the referees/editors.