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Asada, Yukiko, University of Wisconsin
Assheton-Smith, Marilyn, University of Alberta
Atwell, Yvonne, Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Women's Health.
Atwood, Margaret
Aubert, Rosemary, Toronto
Auld, Ann
Ayim, Maryann, University of Western Ontario


Baade, Christina, Christina Baade, McMaster University, has published or has forthcoming work on American klezmer and popular music broadcasting at the wartime BBC, including a chapter in Floodgates: Technologies, Cultural Ex/change and the Persistence of Place and an arti
Backhouse, Constance , University of Western Ontario
Badri, Amna M., Women Documentation Center at Ahfad University For Women, Omdurman, Sudan.
Baehre, R., Mount Saint Vincent University
Baily, Nancy, University of Connecticut
Baines, Beverley, Queen's University
Baines, Donna , McMaster University
Bakan, Abigail B., Queen's University
Bakan, Abigail, OISE, University of Toronto
Baker, Emerance
Baker, Janet, St. Mary's University
Baker, Janet, Saint Mary's University
Baker, Marilyn, Marilyn Baker is the author of the Winnipeg School of Art, The Early Years (1984) and Manitoba's Third Legislative Building, Symbol in Stone, The Art and Politics of a Public Building (1986) and was a co-curator for Women's Art/Women's Lives, Winnipeg Art
Baker, Maureen , University of Auckland
Baker, Maureen, Scarborough College University of Toronto.
Baker, Maureen, Maureen Baker, University of Auckland, has worked in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and now New Zealand. She is widely published in family sociology, family policies, and women's work.
Baker, Maureen , Ottawa
Baker, Maureen, College of Advanced Education Lindfield , New South Wales

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