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Balka, Ellen , Simon Fraser University
Balka, Ellen
Balkan, Donna , Ottawa
Banerjee, Sikata, University of Victoria, is the author of <em>Warriors in Politics: Hinduism, Nationalism, Violence, and the Shiv Sena in India</em> and <em>Make Me a Man! Masculinity, Hinduism, and Nationalism in India</em>, as well as articles in <em>Women and Politics<
Banks, Lorna, Nova Scotia
Barman, Jean, University of British Columbia
Barndt, Deborah , York University
Barnes, Jody, Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Barnoff, Lisa, Ryerson University
Barrie, Cecily M., Managing editor, Atlantis
Bartleman, Gwen, is a proud butch dyke who was born in Ottawa and has called Toronto home since 1981. Her poems & prose have been published in Our Times , anacoenisis ; The Last Sex ; Church Wellesley Review/Xtra Magazine and Rites Magazine. Currently, she is working on F
Bashevkin, Sylvia, University of Toronto
Baskwill, Jane, Faculty of Education, Mount Saint Vincent University.
Batcher, Elaine, Independent Theorist in Education
Batten, Suzanne, University of Victoria
Baum, Rob, University of Haifa
Bauschatz, Cathleen, University of Maine
Bawden, Anne, University of Manitoba
Beagan, Brenda, PhD candiate at UBC.
Beaman, Lori , University of Lethbridge
Bear, Shirley, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design
Beattie, Margaret, Université de Sherbrooke
Beauchamp, Rachelle, Waterloo, Ontario
Beaulieu, Jean-Philippe, Université de Montréal
Beausoleil, Natalie

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