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Woolsey, Lorette, University of British Columbia
Woolsey-Toews, L.
Wrenn, Corey Lee, Monmouth University
Wright, Cynthia
Wright, Cynthia, Institute for Women's Studies and Gender Studies, University of Toronto.
Wright, Esther
Wunker, Erin E., Acadia University
Wyatt, Victoria, University of Victoria
Wylie, Alison, University of Western Ontario


Xiaogang, Yu , Institute of Ethnology, Yunnan Academy of Social Studies, Kunming, China.
Xiaoping, Li, Sichuan Institute of Foreign Languages


Yaffe, Debby , University of Victoria
Yaffe, Deborah, University of Victoria
Yedlin, T., University of Alberta
Yedlin, Tova
York, Lorraine, McMaster Univeresity
Young, Alan, Acadia University
Young, Alannah Earl, University of British Columbia's First Nations House of Learning in Vancouver.
Young, Joan, Rug-Hookers Guild of Nova Scotia


Zaborszky, Dorothy, Laurentian University
Zaman, Habiba , Simon Fraser University
Zettell, Susan
Ziegler, Robert , Montana College of Mineral Science and Technology
Zimmerman, Tegan, Okanagan College
Ziskind, Prashant , Nelson, British Columbia

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