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D'Arcangelis, Carol Lynne, Carol Lynne D'Arcangelis is a PhD student in Adult Education and Community Development at OISE/UT. Her research draws from critical pedagogy, Indigenous, post-colonial, critical race and feminist literatures to consider the theoretical and practical possi
Dacre, Anna , Monash University
Dagenais, Huguette, Université Laval
Dagg, Anne, University of Waterloo
Daley, Kate M., York University
Dalibard, Jill
Dalton, Laurie , Acadia University/Carleton University
Danica, Elly
Darroch, Vivian, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and School of Graduate Studies University of Toronto.
Das Gupta, Tania, York University
Das Gupta, Tania, York University - Department of Equity Studies/Sociology
Dash, Trusha, University of Guelph
Davidson, Tina
Davies, Gwendolyn, GWENDOLYN DAVIES, FRSC, is Professor and Dean Emerita in English and the School of Graduate Studies, University of New Brunswick. Having spent the 2008-09 academic year as Visiting Fellow in Book History at Massey College, University of Toronto, and Acade
Davies, Gwendolyn, Acadia University
Davies, Linda , McGill University
Davies, Rhona, University of Victoria
Davis, Andrea A., York University
Davis, Anthony, St. Francis Xavier University
Davis, Donna, University of New Brunswick
Davis, Nanciellen, Mount Saint Vincent University
de Burine, Claude
De Grandis, Rita, Mount Saint Vincent University
de Guevara, Lina, An actor, director and writer originally from Chile.
de la Cour, Lykke, York University

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