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Fahmy-Eid, Nadia, Université du Québec à Montréal
Fahrni, Magda , Magda Fahrni, Université du Québec à Montréal, is the author of Household Politics: Montreal Families and Postwar Reconstruction (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, forthcoming 2005).
Failler, Angela, Dalhousie University
Fair, Vanessa A. , South Africa
Farber, Carole, University of Western Ontario
Farough, Dawn , University College of the Cariboo.
Farr, Vanessa , South Africa
Farr, Vanessa, York University
Farrow, Tamra, New Brunswick
Fast, Jina, West Chester University
Faucher, Chantal, Simon Fraser University
Fautley, Mimi
Fee, Margery, Queen's University
Feliciano, Margarita, York University
Felt, Lawerence, Memorial University
Felt, Paula, Acadia University
Findlay, Deborah, Dalhousie University
Findlay, Tammy
Fingard, Judith , Dalhousie University
Finkel, Alvin, ALVIN FINKEL, Athabasca University, is co-author with Marg Conrad of two volumes of History of the Canadian Peoples as well as Canada: A National History. He is also the author of a number of books including Social Policy and Practice in Canada: A History
Fischer, G.
Fiske, Jo-Anne
Fiske, Jo-Anne , Mount Saint Vincent University
Fitz, Linda, University of Alberta
FitzGerald, Maggie, Carleton University

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