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Hadd, Wendy, Universite de Montréal
Hadd, Wendy, Ph.D Candidate at Universite de Montreal
Hadley, Earl, World Bank
Hadley, Karen , McMaster University
Hadley, Karen , CAW-McMaster University Labour Studies Certificate Program
Hahn, Tomie, Tomie Hahn, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, conducts research on a wide range of topics including: Japanese traditional performing arts, Monster Truck rallies, issues of identity and creative expression of multiracial individuals, and relationships of t
Haidarali, Laila, York University
Hajdukowski-Ahmed, Maroussia, McMaster University
Hale, Sylvia, St. Thomas University
Haliburton, Jane, Director of Nursing at the Yarmouth Regional Hospital
Hall, M., University of Alberta
Hallett, Vicki S.
Hamilton, Roberta, Concordia University
Hamilton, Roberta, Queen's University
Hamilton, Ryan
Hamilton, Sylvia, Saint Mary's University
Hammond, Cynthia, Cynthia Hammond, Concordia University, has received awards for her writing on the roles played by such women as Florence Nightingale and Catherine Bauer Wurster in the development of institutional and modern architecture, showing how their production was
Hammond Callaghan, Marie , University College Dublin
Hammond Callaghan, Marie , Mount Saint Vincent University
Hampsten, Elizabeth, University of North Dakota
Hannon, Patricia, The Catholic University of America
Harde, Roxanne, University of Alberta — Augustana
Harder, Sandra, Ottawa
Hardie, Rebecca, University of Manitoba, is a PhD candidate in the English Department. Her research interests include feminist and queer theory, Canadian literature and contemporary theatre.
Harding, Deborah, New Zealand

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