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Jackel, Susan, University of Alberta
Jackson, Sarah, Nova Scotia Technical College
Jackson, Sarah, Technical University of Nova Scotia
Jackson, Sarah, Artist-in-residence at Nova Scotia Technical College
Jacobsen, Carl
Jacobson, Helga, University of British Columbia
Jacques, Michelle, Art Gallery of Ontario
James, Cathy , Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
James, Cathy
James, Jennifer, Bridgewater Junior/Senior High School
Jamieson, Kathleen, Carleton University
Janara, Laura, Dalhousie University
Janovicek, Nancy, Nancy Janovicek, University of Calgary, is the author of No Place to Go: The Battered Women's Shelter Movement in Rural Canada, 1970-1989 and has been a researcher at the Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre for Family Violence Research, Fredericton, New Bruns
Jean, Michèle, Presidente de la Commission d'étude sur la formation des adultes
Jeffrey, Leslie, University of New Brunswick - Saint John
Jeliffe, Vaughn
Jelliffe, Vaughn
Jenkner, Ingrid , Mount Saint Vincent University
Jensen, Maureen, Coordinator of Community Relations, Whitehorse
Jha, Priya, Redlands, CA
Joe, Rita, McGill University
Johnson, Angela, St. Mary's College of Maryland, teaches about equity and education, and her scholarship focuses on theorizing the experiences of women of color in the sciences as a lens to better understand how power is maintained and challenged.
Johnson, Jennifer L, Thorneloe University federated with Laurentian University
Johnson, Jennifer, Thorneloe University
Johnson, Joanna, Alberta Status of Women Action Committee

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