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La Bossière, Camille, Royal Roads Military College, Victoria
Lacombe, Michele, Trent University
Lafrance, Laure E., Halifax
Lake, Robert, Mount Saint Vincent University
Lamb, Roberta, Roberta Lamb is Associate Professor, School of Music, Queen's University, with cross-appointments to Women's Studies and the Faculty of Education. Her current research is on American composer, folklorist and music teacher, Ruth Crawford Seeger. She hosts
Lambert-Perreault, Marie-Christine
Lamothe, Jacqueline, Université du Québec à Montréal
Landell, Susan
Landry, Kenneth, Université Laval
Landsberg, Michele , The Toronto Star
Lane, Laura, Brock University
Lane, M. Travis, M. Travis Lane has been living in Fredericton, New Brunswick, since 1960 and became a Canadian citizen in 1973. She has published ten books of poetry and her eleventh, coming out in 2005, is entitled "Touch Earth," (Guerica Press).
Langlois, Ganaele, York/Ryerson Universities
Lanning, Robert, Mount Saint Vincent University
Lanoix, Monique, Appalachian State University
Larkin, June, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Lassner, Phyllis, University of Michigan
Latchford, Frances J, York University
Latham, Barbara, Camosun College
Latimer, Heather
Laux, Jeanne Kirk
Lavigne, Marie, Montreal
Lavigne, Marie, Conseil du statut de la femme au Québec
Lawford, Karen M, University of Ottawa National Aboriginal Council of Midwives
Lawrence, Bonita , School of Social Sciences, Atkinson College, York University.

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