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Saigal, Monique
Salager, Annie
Salah, Trish, is a Montreal-based writer and teacher at Concordia and Bishop's University. Her writing has been widely published and her most recent work appears in the journals Drunken Boat and Canadian Theatre Review, and the collection, Sexing the Maple: A Canadian
Sampson, Rosemarie , Mount Saint Vincent University
San Martin, R. Magaly, Parkdale Community Legal Services
San Martin, Ruth Magaly, O.I.S.E., University of Toronto
Sanghera, Jyoti, University of Victoria
Sangster, Joan
Sangster, Joan, Joan Sangster teaches working-class and women's history at Trent University, where she is director of the Frost Centre for Canadian Studies and Native Studies. She is currently researching a book on women and wage labour in the post World War II period.
Sangster, Joan , Trent University
Saunders, Doris, THEM DAYS Labrador
Saunders, Margaret
Sautter, Diane, Michigan
Savona, Jeannelle, University of Toronto (Trinity College)
Sawchuck, Kimberly, York University
Sawchuk, Kim, Concordia University, teaches courses in feminist media studies, communication theory and research methods and is the current editor of the Canadian Journal of Communication and a founding member of studio XX a feminist digital media lab.
Sches, Susan, York University
Schissel, Wendy, University of Saskatchewan
Schnell, R., University of Calgary
Schoenfeld, Ellie, Duluth, Minnesota
Schofield, Josie, University of British Columbia and University of Victoria
Schoonover, Amy, Mechanicsburg, Ohio
Schwager, Laura, Quinte Mohawk School, Tyendinaga, ON
Schwartz, Hillel, California
Scott-Dixon, Krista, Institute for Work and Health, Toronto, is the author of Doing IT: Women Working in Information Technology.

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