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Taber, Nancy, Brock University
Taber, Nancy, Nancy Taber, Brock University, served for 13 years in the Canadian military and her recently completed doctoral work from the University of South Australia draws on her military experiences while exploring mothering and warring in the military.
Tabobondung, Rebeka, Wasauksing First Nation
Tancred-Sheriff, Peta , McMaster University
Tapley, Heather, University of Victoria
Tapley, Heather, Heather Tapley is an assistant professor of Women's Studies at the University of Victoria.
Tastsoglou, Evangelia, Evangelia Tastsoglou, Saint Mary's University, researches and teaches in the areas of gender and migration; immigrant women; ethnicity, race and multi-culturalism; migration and development. She leads the "gender, diversity and migration/immigrant women"
Taylor, Catherine, Guest Editor
Taylor, Chloe
Tellman, Susan, Indiana
TenBrink, Carole, Montreal, Quebec
Texmo, Dell, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Thaler, Danielle, Université de Victoria
Theberge, Nancy, University of Waterloo
Theriault, Luc
Thiara, Ravi, Principal Research Fellow, Centre for the Study of Safety and Well-being University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7 AL, UK
Thobani, Sunera, Simon Fraser University
Thobani, Sunera , University of British Columbia
Thomas, Audrey
Thomas, Clara, York University
Thomas, Clara
Thomas, Gillian
Thomas, Gillian, Saint Mary's University
Thomas-Long, Roslyn, University of Toronto, focuses her research on higher education funding with particular implications for accessible education in Canada. She explores how transitional academic programs impact access to education among racial and sexual minorities, the wor
Thomas-MacLean, Roanne, Roanne Thomas-MacLean, University of Saskatchewan, has completed an interdisciplinary postdoctoral fellowship in the area of primary health care. She is now working on a national study of arm morbidity after breast cancer.

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