Le développement de l'identité féminine chez Françoise de Graffigny : <em>Cénie</em> et <em>Lettres d'une Péruvienne</em>

  • Marijn S. Kaplan


Known to modern readers mostly as the caricaturist of female character wit the strongest feminist identity of 18th century French Literature, Zilia of Lettres d'ne Péruvienne (1747), Françoise de Graffigny also wrote a play titled Cénie (1750), that also contains a feminist message related to the feminist identity.

Author Biography

Marijn S. Kaplan
Marijn S. Kaplan, University of North Texas, has research interests including eighteenth-century women writers, epistolary novels, correspondences and translation. She has written articles on Françoise de Graffigny and Marie-Jeanne Riccoboni and recently published a modern edition of Riccoboni's Lettres de Sophie de Vallière.