Mothering Sons: Stories by Findley, Hodgins and MacLeod Uncover the Mother's Double Voice

  • Laurie Kruk Nipissing University
Keywords: Literary forms - Biography, Motherhood in literature, Alistair MacLeod,


Maternal feminist criticism argues that we are culturally constructed, but also recognizes the embodied experiences of mothers. This maternal "double voice" shifts between subject/object, passive/active and resistant/conforming positions. "Mothering sons" reciprocate the maternal practice of preservation by supporting this "double voice."

Author Biography

Laurie Kruk, Nipissing University
Luarie, Kruk, Nipissing University, is a published poet (Theories of the World 1992; Loving the Alien 2006) and the author of The Voice is the Story: Conversations with Canadian Writers of Short Fiction (2003).