When Black Feminism Meets Canadian Women's Studies: A Psycho-Social Analysis of Discursive Contradiction and Psychical Conflict in the Classroom

  • Jessica Ringrose University of London, UK,
Keywords: Black Feminism, Canada - Education,


This paper explores how Black feminist curriculum challenges the pedagogy of Women's Studies in Canada through a psychosocial analysis of classroom observations and interview narratives. The difficulties experienced by white women and the traumatic effects for black women in negotiating discursive contradictions that emerge in the wake of inserting Black feminism into Women's Studies are examined.

Author Biography

Jessica Ringrose, University of London, UK,
Jessica, Ringrose, University of London, UK, has published work on race, class and gender inclusive feminist pedagogies, as well as femininity, neo-liberalism and educational achievement, in numerous scholarly publications. She continues to publish work on girls, bullying and the pathologization of feminine aggression.