Balancing Equality for the Post-War Woman: Demobilising Canada's Women Workers After World War Two 1

  • Jennifer A. Stephen York University
Keywords: Domesticity, EMPLOYMENT (Economic theory), Housekeeping,


Canadian federal officials assumed women would be uninterested in paid work after World War Two. "I want to get a post-war job," while a familiar refrain, found little accommodation in the post-war regime of the Canadian welfare state. Instead, government officials, women and men alike, carefully balanced liberal rights discourses alongside the priority of female domesticity.

Author Biography

Jennifer A. Stephen, York University
Jennifer Stephen, York University, is the author of Pick One Intelligent Girl: Employability, Domesticity and the Gendering of Canada's Welfare State, 1939-1947 (2007).
Labouring Feminism Thematic Cluster