"A Special Breed": Packing Men and the Class and Racial Politics of Manly Discourses in Post-1945 Edmonton, Alberta

  • Cynthia Loch-Drake York University
Keywords: Displaced workers, Occupational segregation, Violence in the workplace, Sexual discrimination


Edmonton's male packing house workers mobilized rough and respectable notions of masculinity at the bargaining table during the halcyon days of industrial unionism after World War Two. But on the shop floor and in the union hall their attitudes and behaviour could have a corrosive effect that limited worker activism and class solidarity.

Author Biography

Cynthia Loch-Drake, York University
Cynthia Loch-Drake, York University, is working on a dissertation entitled: "Unpacking 'Alberta Beef': Work, Culture and Identities in Edmonton's Packinghouse Community, 1947-1979."
Labouring Feminism Thematic Cluster