Sons of the Movement: Feminism, Female Masculinity and Female To Male (FTM) Transsexual Men

  • Jean Bobby Noble York University
Keywords: Butch [Lesbian identity], Male lesbians, Social Marginality, Masculinity, Transsexualism, Sex change


This article argues that the relation between female-to-male transsexual masculinity, female masculinity and feminism is an underexplored site of politics in the field of gender studies. While FTM transsexual men have been viewed with some suspicion within feminist and lesbian circles, I argue that since FTMs have the potential to offer a unique vantage point on both feminism and masculinity, FTM masculinity instead should be rearticulated as an alternative and pro-feminist embodiment of non-phallic masculinity.

Author Biography

Jean Bobby Noble, York University
Jean Bobby Noble (PhD, York University) is an assistant professor of sexuality studies in the Women's Studies department of the University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia. Jean Bobby is the author of the recently published Masculinities Without Men? (University of British Columbia Press, Winter 2003); co-editor of The Drag King Anthology, a 2004 Lambda Literary Finalist (Haworth Press 2003); and is currently working on two new book projects: Sons of the Movement: Essays on a Post-Queer Cultural Landscape and Boy Kings: Canada's Drag Kings. Jean Bobby is the President of the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Studies Association.