From a Collective Women's Project to Individualized Gender Identities: Feminism, Women's Movements, and Gender Studies in Denmark

  • Rikke Andreassen University of Toronto
Keywords: Feminism and higher education, Feminist historiography, Grassroots feminism, Linguistic analysis, Social movements, Universities and Colleges -- Faculty, Postmodernism


Andreassen gives a history of feminism and women's studies in Denmark from 1960-2003. By connecting academic research to developments of the women's movement and to the political and social context, she shows how the field has developed from a collective women's project to focusing on individual gender identities.

Author Biography

Rikke Andreassen, University of Toronto
Rikke Andreassen is a PhD candidate in the Department of History, University of Toronto, Ontario. Her research interests include the construction of gender, sexuality, and nationality in mass media and popular culture.