Uncompromising Positions: Reiterations of Misogyny Embedded in Lesbian and Feminist Communities' Framing of Lesbian Femme Identities


  • Anika Stafford PhD student with the Centre for Women's and Gender Studies at the University of British Columbia. Her work has been published in anthologies such as <em>Queers in American Popular Culture</em> and <em>Who's Your Daddy? And Other Writings on Queer Parenting</em>. She is currently conducting institutional ethnographic research on transgender people and elementary school experience.


Queer femmes in 1950s bar cultures were often not viewed as "real lesbians;" radical feminism condemned femmes as trying to please patriarchy. This paper investigates ways such views regarding femmes reiterate misogynist notions of female bodies. It places femme narratives challenging such conceptualizations as contesting counter-cultural reiterations of misogyny. Résumé Les femmes queer dans la culture des bars des années 50 souvent n’étaient pas vues comme de "vraies lesbiennes", le féminisme radical condamnait les femmes queer disant qu’elles essayaient de plaire à la patriarchie. Cet article étudie les façons dont ce genre de vues au sujet de femmes réitère les notions misogynes sur le corps féminin. Il place les narrations su les femmes en mettant endéfice genre de conceptualisation comme contestant les réitérations contre-culturelles de la misogynie.


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