Undoing the Collective Amnesia: A Brief Discussion of Feminism and Women Writers in Hungary


  • Agnes Vashegyi MacDonald University of British Columbia, was born in Budapest, Hungary, and she moved to Canada in 1991. Her PhDs is in Comparative Literature and her research interests include twentieth century Central European culture with a special interest in women authors.


This paper expands on current studies that examine the history of Hungarian feminism while making links with the discourse of late nineteenth and early twentieth century women writers. Issues of suffrage, public health, prostitution, and the challenging of patriarchal ideologies and structures were key subjects for feminists and women writers in Hungary. Résumé Cet article élabore sur les études courantes qui examinent l’histoire du féminisme hongrois tout en faisant des liens entre les discours d’écrivaines de la fin du dix-neuvième siècle et du début du vingtième siècle. Les questions de suffrage, de santé publique, de prostitution, et les idéologies et les structures patriarcales compliquées étaient les sujets clés pour les féministes et les écrivaines en Hongrie.


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