Exploring an Institutional Base: Locating a Queer Women's Community in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada


  • Rachael Sullivan Rachael Sullivan, University of British Columbia, conducts research in the area of sexuality and gender, focusing on social space and community relations. In April 2008, she was recognized as one of three Outstanding Teaching Assistants in the Faculty of Arts at UBC.


This article explores how an institutional base is created by lesbian, bisexual, and queer women living in the rural Canadian city of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Issues of access, exclusion, and use of the local university queer resource centre as a key site for community building figure prominently in the article. Résumé Cet article explore comment une base institutionnelle est crée par des lesbiennes, des bisexuelles, et des femmes gays s vivant dans la ville rurale canadienne de Thunder Bay, en Ontario. Les questions d’accès, d’exclusion, et de l’utilisation du centre de ressources gay de l’université locale comme site clé pour bâtir la communauté est paraît de façon proéminente dans cet article.


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