Non-Sexual Spooning and Inanimate Affections: Diversifying Intimate Knowledge


  • Naomi de Szegheo-Lang Gender, Feminist, and Women's Studies York University


intimacy, affect, regulation, resistance, intimate knowledges, professional cuddling, objectum-sexuality


This article considers forms of non-normative intimate connection, which have been widely covered by the popular press: stranger intimacies at The Snuggery, a NY business where clients purchase non-sexual cuddling time, as well as objectum-sexuals who are attracted to and/or form intimate relationships with objects. Each case study illuminates the potential in diversifying intimate knowledge, offering pathways to examine socio-cultural constructions of intimacy and drawing on the regulation of affect to challenge dominant modes of relation.

Cet article considère les formes de relations intimes non normatives, qui ont fait l’objet d’une grande couverture par la presse populaire, c’est-à-dire l’intimité avec des étrangers à The Snuggery, une entreprise basée à New York où les clients peuvent faire l’achat de câlins à caractère non sexuel, ainsi que les objectophiles, qui sont attirés par des objets ou qui forment des relations intimes avec des objets. Chaque cas illustre le potentiel de la diversification des connaissances intimes, en offrant des façons d’examiner les constructions socioculturelles de l’intimité et en misant sur la règlementation pour mettre au défi les modes de relation dominants.


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Author Biography

Naomi de Szegheo-Lang, Gender, Feminist, and Women's Studies York University

Naomi de Szegheo-Lang is a PhD candidate in Gender, Feminist, and Women's Studies at York University. Her research focuses on constructions of ‘intimacy’ in popular culture and in queer cultural production, and is fueled by her beloved canine companion and many cups of coffee.


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