Margaret Conrad: Planter and Loyalist Contributions

  • Gwendolyn Davies GWENDOLYN DAVIES, FRSC, is Professor and Dean Emerita in English and the School of Graduate Studies, University of New Brunswick. Having spent the 2008-09 academic year as Visiting Fellow in Book History at Massey College, University of Toronto, and Academic Visitor, St. Hilda's College, Oxford University, she is currently working o n books on Loyalist women and Loyalist printers.


This paper examines Margaret Conrad's central contributions to the fields of Planter and Loyalist Studies, underlining her combination of originality in research and commitment to making this history accessible to the general public. Résumé Cet article étudie les contributions centrales de Margaret Conrad dans le domaine des études Planteurs et des études Loyalistes, soulignant sa combinaison d'originalité dans la recherche et son engagement à rendre cette histoire accessible au grand public.