Media Representations of Adolescent Pregnancy: The Problem with Choice

  • Anita Shaw Anita Shaw is an MA student in Gender Studies at University of Northern British Columbia. Her research explores sexual consent and unintentional adolescent pregnancy.


Although teenage pregnancy has become more socially acceptable than in the past, pregnant teenagers continue to be stigmatized. This paper examines some of the ways in which two widely circulated media representations of adolescent pregnancy, Papa Don't Preach and Juno, both challenge and perpetuate the stigma. Résumé Quoique la grossesse chez les adolescentes soit devenue plus acceptable socialement que dans le passé, les adolescentes enceintes continuent d'être stigmatisées. Cet article examine quelques façons dont deux représentations largement circulées par les médias de la grossesse chez les adolescentes, Papa Don't Preach et Juno, les deux mettent en question et perpétuent le stigmate.