Exploring Indigenous Feminist Relational Sovereignty: Exploring Indigenous Feminist Relational Sovereignty: Feminist Conversations, Non-colonizing Solidarities, Inclusive Nations

  • Carol Lynne D'Arcangelis Carol Lynne D'Arcangelis is a PhD student in Adult Education and Community Development at OISE/UT. Her research draws from critical pedagogy, Indigenous, post-colonial, critical race and feminist literatures to consider the theoretical and practical possibilities for fostering non-colonizing solidarities between Indigenous women and allies. Carol Lynne comes to her studies from an extended period of social justice activism and human rights advocacy in Central America.


This article juxtaposes Indigenous feminist perspectives on sovereignty with related ideas of feminist scholars Jacqui Alexander and Nandita Sharma in order to further feminist theorizations of sovereignty and nationhood that reject neo-liberalism, and to forge a "non-colonizing feminist solidarity" with Indigenous peoples, particularly Indigenous women, in their struggles for self-determination. Résumé Cet article met en juxtaposition les perspectives féministes indigènes sur la souveraineté avec les idées reliées aux érudites féministes Jacqui Alexander et Nandita Sharma afin de faire avancer les élaborations de théories sur la souveraineté et sur l'esprit national qui rejette le néo-libéralisme, et de forger une ``solidarité féministe non-colonisatrice`` avec les peuples autochtones, particulièrement les femmes autochtones, dans leurs luttes pour leur autodétermination.