Engaging with the State: Considering the "Progressive Potential" of Feminist Service Provision

  • Lisa Mae Boucher Lisa Mae Boucher is a PhD student in the Women's Studies department at York University. Her research interests include women's movements, feminist organizations, the voluntary sector and women's unpaid labour.


Citing the possibility of co-optation, some activists and scholars argue that feminist organizations should avoid a funding relationship with the state. This article explores the implications of such engagement. I argue that feminist organizations must continue to pressure the state to support the third sector in a meaningful way. Résumé Citant la possibilité de la cooptation, certaines activistes et certaines érudites font valoir que les organismes féministes devraient éviter une relation de financement avec l'état. Cet article explore les implications ce genre d'engagement crée. Je soutiens que les organismes féministes doivent continuer à faire des pressions sur l'état pour appuyer le troisième secteur de façon efficace.