Transversal and Postmodern Feminist Praxis in Everyday Politics


  • Jenny Roth Lakehead University
  • Lori Chambers Lakehead University


transversal feminism, postmodern feminism, praxis


Feminist praxis is usually a conscious, reflexive, process of  moving from theory to application in order to create transformation. We want to expand the scope of feminist praxis, however, to include moments in which feminist theory explains political transformations that may not be deliberate, but that result in a feminist outcome:  the pursuit of gender equality through personal and political transformation.  This paper uses a dataset of online comments generated after the Supreme Court of Canada decision in R. v. N.S. as a case study, and it sits in conversation with postmodern and transversal feminist theorists, particularly the recent work of Patricia Hill Collins (2017) that builds on Nira Yuval-Davis (1997) and others, to argue that political action is most effective when transversal practice is layered onto intersectional politics; and that, despite Hill Collins’ concern that political practice has yet to move to effective transversalism (2017, 1471), transversal feminist praxis can be found in examples of everyday politics which offer hope for social transformation.  


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Author Biographies

Jenny Roth, Lakehead University

Jenny Roth is a Professor in Women's Studies at Lakehead University. She publishes in discourse analysis, law, literature, and cyber-/technofeminism. Her current work focuses on Bram Stoker's Dracula, gender, technology, and artificial intelligence. Jenny teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in feminist theory, science fiction, horror films, law and literature, and gender and technology.

Lori Chambers, Lakehead University

Lori Chambers is a Professor in Women's Studies at Lakehead University. She publishes on a range of legal issues related to equity and diversity. Her current work is on domestic terrorism and the response of police and courts. Lori teaches women's legal history, current legal issues, queer theory, and graduate courses in feminist theory and activism.






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