Introduction to Digital Feminisms


  • Sheila Petty University of Regina, has written extensively on issues of cultural representation, identity and nation in African and African diasporic cinema and new media, and has curated film, television and new media exhibitions for galleries across Canada. She is author of Contact Zones: Memory, Origin and Discourses in Black Diasporic Cinema (2008).
  • Barbara Crow York University, currently conducts research in mapping digital cities focusing on the relationship between digital technology and multimedia cities; Canadian sexual assault law and contested boundaries of consent (with Dr. Lise Gotell), investigating women's organizations and legal discourses; the Mobile Digital Commons Network (MDCN), exploring relations of mobile technologies an cultural production; and most recently, the Community Wireless Infrastructure Project (CWIRP), exploring Wi-Fi as public infrastructure. She was president of the Canadian Women's Studies Association, 2002-2004 and co-founding editor of wi: Journal of the Mobile Digital Commons Network.


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