Social Justice, Artistic Practice and New Technologies: Gender and Disability Activisms and Identities in Film and Digital Video


  • Janice Hladki McMaster University, engages with critical and political issues in media, art and culture. Recently, she published articles on the representation of disability in film, Aboriginal women's video art and gender and race in women's alternative media practices.


Contemporary disability cultural production is under-researched in feminist and cultural theory. Focusing on the film and digital video trilogy, Whole: A Trinity of Being, by South African visual poet Shelley Barry, this paper examines how her work theorizes disability and gender and critically interrogates possibilities for social justice. Résumé La culture de la production de l’incapacité contemporaine est sous-recherchée dans la théorie culturelle féministe. En se concentrant sur le film et la trilogie vidéo digitale, Whole: A Trinity of Being, par la poète visuelle sudafricaine Shelley Barry, cet article étudie la façon dont son oeuvre théorise l'handicap et le sexe, et interroge de façon critique les possibilities pour la justice sociale.


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