Mothers and Others: Promoting Healthy Living Through Research


  • Gayle Letherby University of Plymouth, UK, has various research and writing interests including reproductive and non/parental identity, working and learning in higher education and issues of method, methodology and epistemology and the sociology of travel and transport.


This article considers how women and girls - whether they mother biologically related children or not - are affected by the often contradictory ideologies of motherhood and consider the relationship between non/motherhood and un/healthy living. It considers some of the ways to further promote healthy living for mothers and others. Résumé Cet article étudie comment les femmes et les filles - qu'elles soient mères naturelles ou non d’enfants - sont affectées par des idéologies souvent contradictories de la maternalité et considère la relation entre les conditions de vie avec/sans la maternité et les conditions de vie saines et malsaines. Il considère certaines des manières qui peuveent promouvoir d'advantage un mode de vie sains pour les mères et pour les autres.


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