Embodied Exclusion: Young Mothers' Experiences of Exclusion from Formal and Informal Sexual Health Education

  • Saara Greene York University, has more than sixteen years working with young women, pregnant teenagers and young mothers in both Canada and the United Kingdom. This paper emerged from her PhD dissertation on Young Mothers, Active Citizenship and Social Exclusion.


Pregnant teenagers and young mothers experience embodied exclusion due to the range of attempts aimed at controlling their sexual behaviour. Embodied exclusion in this context is the result of having the sexual health needs and experiences of pregnant teenagers and young mothers excluded from formal and informal sexual health education. Résumé Les adolescentes enceintes et les jeunes mères vivent une exclusion incorporée due à l'étendues des tentsatives visées à controller leur comportement sexuel. L'exclusion incorporéedans ce contexte est le résultat d'avoir exclu les besoins de la santé sexuelles et les experiences des adolescentes enceintes et des jeunes mères, de l'éducation sexuelle formelle et informelle.