Placing Women's Voices in the Centre of a Strategy for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse: Speaking from Our Strengths


  • Colleen MacQuarrie Colleen MacQuarrie, University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI), is President of the Survivor Advocacy Group for Empowerment (SAGE) Inc. board of directors, is an active volunteer with feminist organizations both locally and nationally, and conducts research into how issues of social justice and health intersect within communities.
  • Kelly E. Robinson Kelly E. Robinson, works at the Prince Edward Island Rape & Sexual Assault Crisis Centre and as a community researcher with Colleen MacQuarrie in the Psychology department at UPEI, supporting the work of SAGE as a personal and professional ally.


The premise for this paper is both basic and profound: survivors of child sexual abuse have the knowledge, experience, and perspective to lead in the efforts to stop it. It describes a draft strategy to prevent child sexual abuse, placing survivors at the core of the plan, that was generated at a two day gathering for female survivors of childhood sexual abuse.


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