Women's History, Gender Politics and the Interpretation of Canadian Historic Sites: Some Examples from Ontario

  • Katherine M.J. McKenna Katherine M.J. McKenna, University of Western Ontario, is the author of A Life of Propriety: Anne Murray Powell and Her Family, 1755-1849 published by McGill-Queen's Press. Recently she was awarded the 2005 Hilda Neatby Prize by the Canadian Historical Association for her article, "Women's Agency in Upper Canada: Prescott's Board of Police Record, 1834-1850," Histoire sociale/Social History 36.72, November 2003.


Although women's history has flourished in Canada for over thirty years, this has had little impact on historic sites in Ontario, which are dominated by military themes and male interpreters. Research shows that this is historically inaccurate, and that women were well represented at military sites in the past.
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