Feminist Understandings of Embodiment and Disability: A "Material-Discursive" Approach to Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema


  • Roanne Thomas-MacLean Roanne Thomas-MacLean, University of Saskatchewan, has completed an interdisciplinary postdoctoral fellowship in the area of primary health care. She is now working on a national study of arm morbidity after breast cancer.
  • Baukje (Bo) Miedema Baukje (Bo) Miedema, Dalhousie University Family Medicine Teaching Unit (FMTU), has published extensively in peer reviewed journals and has three books: Mothering for the State: The Paradox of Fostering; Women's Bodies/Women's Lives; and Understanding Abuse: Partnering for Change.


Breast cancer related lymphedema (BCRL) is a disability related to breast cancer treatment which may significantly affect women's everyday lives. We used a "material discursive" lens to analyze women's accounts of BCRL. Themes which emerged are: 1) moving beyond breast loss; 2) implications of disability; and 3) beyond limitations.






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