Lori Chambers talks with Aysan Sev'er


  • Aysan Sev'er Aysan Sev'er, University of Toronto, writes extensively on sexual harassment, intimate partner abuse of women, links between separation and violence, and such crosscultural forms of wife abuse and extreme violence against women as "honour killings" and "dowry murders." Her latest book on women who have left their abusive partners Fleeing the House of Horrors [see review in this issue] was awarded the Canadian Women's Studies Association 2004 Annual Book Prize. She is also the founder and the general editor of Women's Health #amp; Urban Life Journal.
  • Lori Chambers Lori Chambers, Lakehead University, serves as Secretary of the Canadian Women's Studies Association/Association Canadienne d'Etudes des Femmes, serving as a member of the selection committee for the CWSA/ACEF Book Prize for three years. She also sits on the Editorial Board of Atlantis


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