Complicating Disorder: The Play of Interpretation and Resistance in Melanie Klein's <em>Narrative of a Child Analysis</em>


  • Hilary Clark University of Saskatchewan


This essay explores the challenge to the order/disorder binary offered by the dynamics of the psychoanalytic session, specifically one of Melanie Klein’s child analyses. It argues that the perception of psychoanalysis as normalizing is considerably complicated by the play of interpretation and resistance between analyst and child. Résumé Cet essai explore le concept binaire de normal/trouble offert par la dynamique de la session psychanalytique, plus particuliérement l'une des analyses sur l'enfant de Melanie Klein. Il argumente que la perception de normalisation de la psychanalyse s'avére considèrablement compliquèe par le jeu d'interprètation entre analyste et enfant.


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Author Biography

Hilary Clark, University of Saskatchewan

Hilary Clark, University of Saskatchewan, conducts research in psychoanalysis and the literature of depression and trauma. She has been working on a SSHRC-funded project on issues of interpretation and symbolization in British child psychoanalysis. Recent work includes an edited volume, Depression and Narrative: Telling the Dark, and a chapter on shame, death, and masks in J. Kauffman, ed., The Shame of Death, Grief, and Trauma.