Femme Theory: Refocusing the Intersectional Lens

Keywords: Femme Theory, Intersectional Analysis, Femmephobia, Femininities, Femininity, Femme, Gender, Gender Identity


This paper seeks to develop a theory of subversive femininities or femme theory. It argues for the inclusion of femmephobia in intersectional analyses and provides the theoretical groundwork necessary for feminist theorists and researchers to incorporate an analysis of femmephobia into their studies of oppression. Résumé Cet article cherche à élaborer une théorie des féminités subversives ou « femme theory ». Il plaide en faveur de l’inclusion de la phobie « femme » dans les analyses intersectionnelles et fournit les bases théoriques nécessaires pour que les théoriciennes et les chercheuses féministes incorporent une analyse de la phobie « femme » dans leurs études de l’oppression.

Author Biography

Rhea Ashley Hoskin, Queen's University

Rhea Ashley Hoskin is a CGS-SSHRC doctoral student at Queen’s University in the Department of Sociology. Theorizing femme identities and systemic forms of feminine devaluation, her work focuses on perceived femininity and its impact on the experiences of marginalization and oppression among sexual and gender minorities. Within this framework, Rhea applies feminist and femme theory to the study of femme identities, femmephobia, social prejudices and the links between gender, gender expression, health and fitness.