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Updated June 30, 2023

Please note: Atlantis Journal is temporarily CLOSED to unthemed submissions (i.e. submissions not related to a specific Call for Papers). Authors with papers in progress or undergoing revisions may contact us at for information and next steps.

Current CFPs: We have one current Call for Submissions: WGSRF Conference Proceedings. Please see details below.


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(Revised June 2023)


Take Back the Future!

WGSRF Conference 2023


Co-edited by Claire Carter, Krystal MacLeod, Corinne Mason, and Daniella Robinson


Anti-colonial, anti-racist, queer, labour, student and feminist political movements and activism in the twentieth century envisioned and supported new social and political forms that shaped our world in profound ways. Yet, we are witnessing in the contemporary moment the active undermining, and in some cases undoing, of the political and intellectual legacies of these radical movements.

For our recent annual conference held at Congress 2023, Women and Gender Studies et Recherches Féministes (WGSRF) called for paper presentations, panels, roundtable discussions, workshops and artwork on the theme Take Back the Future! Drawing from Black, Indigenous, Muslim, socialist, postsocialist, transnational feminist, disability, crip, and queer theorizations of “futurity” and “the/a future,” we invited discussions of social justice mobilizations, non-violent relations, and knowledge production and dissemination. Our call was also open to discussions related to the field of women’s and gender studies (WGS) more broadly. 

Atlantis is pleased to publish a special issue of papers and reflections from the WGSRF conference. We invite WGSRF conference presenters and attendees—as well as presenters at Congress events related to WGS—to consider submitting to this issue.

Invited formats/genres:

• Full research papers. Research papers will undergo anonymized, external peer review. See details on the criteria and process for peer review on the Atlantis submissions page. Word limit: 7000, including references.

• Research notes. Research Notes describe research in progress. Notes should include the general thesis or goal of the work; theoretical basis; methodology; and current state of the work. Research notes undergo internal review by a team of Atlantis editors. Word limit: 1000, including references.

• Reflections, commentaries and “looking forward” pieces on the field of WGS, related fields, and/or our 2023 conference. Reflections or commentaries on trends, challenges, and/or changes in the field of WGS. Submission will undergo internal review by a team of Atlantis editors. Word limit: 5000.

• Book reviews. Critical book reviews (not summaries) of recent/forthcoming books related to WGS. Books reviews undergo internal review by a team of Atlantis editors. Word limit: 1000.

• Literary work. Poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction related to or reflecting on the field of WGS. Literary work will undergo internal review by a team of Atlantis editors. Word limit for fiction and CNF, 2000. Limit for poetry, 2 pages.

Submission Process:

• For ALL submissions, please read and follow our Submissions Guidelines.
• Submit papers through Atlantis’ OJS platform. Create a profile or log in to upload your paper.
• Clearly identify your submission as “WGSRF proceedings” either in the title or cover letter.
• Please indicate your intention to submit to this issue and/or pose questions for our Editors using this form.

Contact Katherine Barrett, Managing Editor, with any further questions:


Forthcoming Issues (submissions now closed)

Co-Editors: Iqra Shagufta Cheema, Jennifer Jill Fellows, Lisa Smith

Co-Editors: Dr. Christiana Abraham (Concordia University), Dr. Rohini Bannerjee (St. Mary’s University)

Co-Editors: Judith Naeff, Leiden University; Senka Neuman Stanivuković; University of Groningen; Ksenia Robbe, University of Groningen; and Kylie Thomas, NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies