Editorial Team


Dr. Gayle MacDonald, Associate Vice-President, Research at Mount Saint Vincent University. 

Managing Editor 

Dr. Katherine Barrett, Adjunct Professor, Women's Studies, Mount Saint Vincent University; Editor in Chief, Understorey Magazine.

Editorial and Administrative Assistant 

Isabella Redgate

Editorial Board

Dr. Maya Eichler (Political Science), Tier II Canada Research Chair in Social Innovation and Community Engagement, Associate Professor in Political, Canadian and Women's Studies at Mount Saint Vincent University.

Dr. Jennifer Johnson (Women's and Gender Studies, Race), Associate Professor, Chair of Women's and Gender Studies at Thorneloe University, Laurentian.

Dr. Rachel Hurst (Women's and Gender Studies, Anthropology), Professor at St. Francis Xavier University.

Dr. Bonnie Huskins (History), Lecturer at St. Thomas University.

Dr. Ardath Whynacht (Sociology, Criminology), Professor at Mount Allison University. 

Dr. Janet Conway, Nancy's Chair in Women's Studies, Mount Saint Vincent University.