"They Said the Course Would Be Wasted On Me Because I Was A Girl": Mothers, Daughters, And Shifting Forms Of Female Activism in the Ukrainian Left in Twentieth-Century Canada

  • Rhonda L. Hinther Canadian Museum of Civilization
Keywords: Cultural identity, Gender stereotypes, Left-wing politics, Radicalism, Women political activists


A generation divided progressive Ukrainian mothers and daughters. Nonetheless, they shared cultural and political lessons learned at the Ukrainian labour temples, in their neighbourhoods, and on picket lines. They absorbed, transformed and put these ideas to work in a variety of ways to build, challenge, change, or leave the Ukrainian left.

Author Biography

Rhonda L. Hinther, Canadian Museum of Civilization
Rhonda L. Hinther, Canadian Museum of Civilization, studies the social history of the women, men, and children who built the radical Ukrainian movement in Canada.
Labouring Feminism Thematic Cluster