De-gendering Engagement?: Gender Mainstreaming, Women's Movements and the Canadian Federal State

  • L. Pauline Rankin Carleton University
  • Krista D. Wilcox Ministry of Intergovernmental Affairs, Government of Ontario
Keywords: Civil service, Federal government - Canada


This article assesses the impact of gender mainstreaming on Canadian women's movements' relationship to the federal state. The paper argues that while gender mainstreaming creates new spaces for integrating gender analysis into policymaking, it also contributes to the erosion of feminist organizations as legitimate participants in the policy process.

Author Biographies

L. Pauline Rankin, Carleton University
L. Pauline Rankin is a political scientist and Director of the Pauline Jewett Institute of Women's Studies at Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario. Her current research interests include women's movements and the state and the role of gender mainstreaming in post-Soviet countries.
Krista D. Wilcox, Ministry of Intergovernmental Affairs, Government of Ontario
Krista D. Wilcox is an Intergovernmental Affairs Specialist with the Ministry of Intergovernmental Affairs in the Government of Ontario. Previously, she held positions related to gender equality and women's human rights with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Human Resources Development Canada and Status of Women Canada.