Pyramids of Power: A Statistical Snapshot of Women in Post-Secondary Education in Canada and Some Ideas for Making Change


  • Wendy Robbins University of New Brunswick, is co-ordinator of Women's Studies, won the Governor General's 2007 Award in Commemoration of the Persons Case, and co-edited Minds of Our Own: Inventing Feminist Scholarship and Women's Studies in Canada and Québec, 1966–76.
  • Vicky Simpson University of New Brunswick, is a PhD candidate and instructor in the Department of English. Her research interests include 19th-century British literature by women, particularly Gothic and sensation fiction. She has published on storytelling and autobiography in Jane Eyre.


Women students have made impressive progress in Canadian post-secondary institutions, but change in the professoriate has not kept pace. Systemic biases in university policies and working conditions, problematic notions of excellence, and prejudicial "gender schemas" remain as barriers. Résumé Les femmes on fait des progrès impressionnants dans les institutions post-secondaires canadiennes mais les changements dans le professorat n’a pas pu rester à jour. Les biais systémiques dans les politiques des universités et les conditions de travail, des notions problématiques sur l’excellence, et le schémas préjudiciairies basés sur la différences entre les sexes demeurent des barrières.


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