Applying Analysis: Towards Addressing Violence in Non-Credit Feminist Learning Contexts with Differently Located Women

  • Christine McKenzie Christine McKenzie, PhD candidate in Adult Education and Community Development at OISE/University of Toronto, has led educational processes from an anti-oppression framework with a variety of social justice groups in Canada and Central America over the past fifteen years. Her research focuses on documenting key principles of feminist non-credit learning processes that successfully bring differently located women together to gain consciousness around their identity and issues of power and oppression and to integrate intersecting and interlocking oppressions into their understanding.


This paper explores the unconscious role that educators may play in perpetuating subtle violence in feminist non-credit learning spaces with differently located women. Following this analysis I offer issues with which educators can engage in order to analyse and address these ongoing forms of systemic violence in their praxis. Résumé Cet article explore le rôle inconscient que les éducateurs et les éducatrices pourraient jouer dans la perpétuation subtile de la violence dans les cours féministes sans unités avec les femmes situées dans des en droits différents. En suivant cette analyse j'offre des questions avec lesquelles les éducateurs et les éducatrices peuvent engager afin de pouvoir analyser et adresser ces formes de violence systémiques courantes dans leurs praxies.