(Re)Producing Nation: Race, Gender, Sexuality, The Sovereign and the Living Constitution

  • Caroline Hodes Caroline Hodes is a PhD candidate in Women's Studies at York University. This project has been partially funded by the Helena Orton Memorial Scholarship. She is currently in the process of completing her dissertation.


This paper touches on some of the key themes of the author's dissertation project. It discusses identity construction in constitutional discrimination claims and the possibility of creating an anti-subordination framework from fragments of the existing Canadian and American equality jurisprudence. Résumé Cet article touche sur quelques thèmes clés du projet de dissertation de l'auteure. Il discute de la construction de l'identité dans les allégations de discrimination constitutionnelle et la possibilité de créer un cadre anti-subordination des fragments des jurisprudences canadiennes et américaines existantes sur l'égalité.