Ethnicity and Feminism: Two Solitudes?

  • Sheva Medjuck Mount Saint Vincent University


A synthesis of race, class, and gender perspectives into a holistic and inclusive theory and practice is essential not only to advance scholarship, but also to begin to deal practically with issues of subordination. The women's movement must understand the nature of racism and class exploitation and its interdependencies with sexism. Similarly, groups committed to the liberation of ethnic/racial minorities must understand sexism and class exploitation and its relationship to racism. These groups, however, seem to have somewhat limited understanding of each other's priorities and, therefore, are often antagonistic of each other. Capitalist society and the racism and sexism it institutionalizes are strengthened by these antagonisms. The systemic nature of women's oppression and the institutional racism against minority groups must be understood within the context of the state. Sexism, racism and class exploitation constitute interlocking systems of domination, all of which share an ideological foundation.
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