Stories We Live and Grow By: (Re)Telling Our Experiences as Muslim Mothers and Daughters


  • Shirin Khayambashi McMaster University


Book under review: Saleh, Muna. 2019. Stories We Live and Grow By: (Re)Telling Our experiences as Muslim Mothers and Daughters. Ontario, Canada: Demeter Press.


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Author Biography

Shirin Khayambashi, McMaster University

Shirin Khayambashi is a sessional professor and a PhD Candidate in Sociology from McMaster University. She is expecting to defend her thesis in December 2019. She is a qualitative researcher who specializes in Diaspora studies and hybrid identity development. Her article “Diaspora, Identity and Store Signs” was recently published in the Journal of Visual Studies. She has further presented her research in a variety of Canadian and American conferences. Her PhD dissertation focuses on the flag debate among the Iranian diaspora. Through her research, she challenges the concept of diasporic cohesion, and questions the issues confronted by minority members of a diasporic community.






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