Attachment "Disorders": Capitalizing on Misfortune


  • Lynda Ross Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies, Athabasca University


Attachment theory is the primary source informing Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) as well as providing the framework for other potential "attachment disorder" diagnoses. This paper provides an historical overview of the RAD construct and discusses the personal and social implications resulting from "disordering" conduct and separating normal from pathological behaviours. Résumé La théorie de « l'affection » est la source principale d'information du Trouble réactionnel de « l'affection » (TRA). Elle fournit également le cadre pour d'autres diagnostics de « troubles affectifs » potentiels. Cet essai fournit un survol historique sur la façon dont le TRA construit et amène des discussions sur les implications personnelles et sociales résultant de la conduite trouble, tout en séparant les comportements normaux des comportements pathologiques.


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Author Biography

Lynda Ross, Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies, Athabasca University

Lynda R. Ross, Associate Professor Women’s and Gender Studies, Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies, Athabasca University, also coordinates the University Certificate in Counselling Women program. She graduated with a doctoral degree in Psychology from the University of New Brunswick in 1998. Her research interests centre on the construction of theory and "disorder," attachment, and motherhood