Vol 34, No 1 (2009)

Open Topic Issue

Table of Contents


Editors' Introduction PDF


Past the Parapets of Patriarchy? Women, the Star System, and the Built Environment PDF
Cynthia Hammond 5-15
Patriarchy at the Pink Palace: Gender and Work Inside the Ontario Legislature PDF
Kendra Coulter 16-26
The Profession of Arms: Ideological Codes and Dominant Narratives of Gender in the Canadian Military PDF
Nancy Taber 27-36
Perpetuating the Academic Gender Gap PDF
Maureen Baker 37-47
Elsie Gregory MacGill: Engineer, Feminist and Advocate for Social Change PDF
Crystal Sissons 48-57
In Search of the Female Hobo PDF
Heather Tapley 58-67
"I'm All of Everything That I Am": Constituting the Indigenous Woman, the White Woman, and the Audience in Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues PDF
Tara Williamson 68-77
Exploring an Institutional Base: Locating a Queer Women's Community in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada PDF
Rachael Sullivan 78-88
The Boy(s) Who Cried Wolf: Re-Visioning Textual Re-Presentations of Boys and Literacy PDF
Jane Baskwill, Susan Church, Margaret Swain 89-99
Credentials: Breast Slang and the Discourse of Femininity PDF
Diane Naugler 100-110
Reading Contemporary "Bad Girls": The Transgressions and Triumphs of Madonna's "What It Feels Like For a Girl" PDF
Charity Marsh 111-120
The Mother Country: Tracing Intersections of Motherhood and the National Story in Recent Canadian Historiography PDF
Kim Anderson 121-131
Fleshing Out the Racial Undertones of Poverty for Canadian Women and their Families: Re-envisioning a Critical Integrative Approach PDF
Amber Gazso, Ingrid Waldron 132-141
African Canadian Women and the Question of Identity PDF
Njoki Nathani Wane 149-158
International Female Migration to Atlantic Canada through Internet Mediated MatchMaking Agencies PDF
Susan M. Brigham, Catherine Baillie Abidi 159-168

Women's Studies In Focus

"Get Thee to a Nunnery!": Uses of English Canadian Convent Archives Across Feminist Disciplines PDF
Renée Bondy 142-148

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